About Me

This avid blogger was born in a little town in India called Madurai whose claim to fame is its famous Meenakshi temple. Her parents were originally from Orissa but settled down awhile in Tamil Nadu. She currently lives in a small town in  US of A called “the Silicon Valley”. Meenakshi is a product person with a keen eye for streamlining  process and loves making sense of  complex spreadsheets and business models. She blogs a little, reads a lot and is extremely passionate about her 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 year old, technologies that connect people in meaningful ways, Health and Yoga. She cooks a wicked spicy curry and can be found every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market.

Stop here for a while - grab a cuppa chai or coffee and let's get to know each other. Get to the know the K1 and K2 in my life and the adventures and journeys I am having with work, motherhood - living, loving and learning.

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  1. Hi Meenakshi, Your writing is beautiful. And you are very successful at work as well. Would you kindly share what major you took in college? I have twin girls who just finish their freshman in high school. Both are good with literature and one of them actually like programing after a whole year learning/taking the JAVA class at school. They don't know what they want to study when they go to college and I thought I would explore and let them know of the options that they have that are best suitable with their strength.